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Why are you asking for billing data?

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I'm reading a book which suggests I use this site to do a keyword search for frequency of use. I was assured this site was free if I didn't want to use it for ads at this point. Why are you asking for billing info? I don't want to be giving billing data until I'm ready to start thinking about ads. This is pathetic how companies cut costs by setting up a 'community' for customers to answer each others' questions. It's done this way so mega-rich Google doesn't have to bother answering customers' questions. I'd NEVER provide billing info to an unreliable American company that provides a service that is so difficult and opaque to use, where billing is demanded even before I know if this adwords search will be of any use to me, or if it's even usable or just a jungle of typical computer code, utterly incomprehensible and useless in practice. So come on, happy manipulated Google customers, somebody answer my question b/c Google is too cheap to provide support for their 'service'. I've had this experience with several US companies this year. It must be this is how things are deteriorating in Obama's America. A corrupt Administration for a corrupt country. What a waste of time.  

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Re: Why are you asking for billing data?

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Hi Stephen, this community has been running for 12 years plus to my knowledge and far from being a cost-cutting exercise has proven to be a very effective way to provide help and assistance to many tens of thousands of customers over the years.  Bear in mind that - unlike a one-to-one support conversation, questions and answers on this board (and others like it) can be found via a search so the answers provided here don't just help the original poster but anyone else who has a similar problem.


If you're not comfortable using this community, it is not Google's only point of contact.  There is a 24 hour, 7 days a week phone number you can call, you can email, you may be able to video chat or chat online.  All these options are listed under the "Contact AdWords" section, see below.


In respect of your actual question, it could be that the book you're reading is out of date (or simply inaccurate).  Up until 18 months or so ago there was a free, external Keyword tool that could be used by anyone without signing up to AdWords, however this was withdrawn.  Although AdWords asks for billing details, you will not be billed unless you incur any costs through actual advertising.



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