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Why all the information variation?

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I am very new to Adwords and only use it on the rarest of occasions, mostly because it confuses me, such as I am about to describe. I set a small budget of $20 yet I am at over $22 now (and I just shut it off, which I have to do and monitor it closely as it always goes over). All day long I have been checking and rechecking the results but it keeps showing 0 clicks, 0 impressions. However, on another screen it shows 22 clicks and in the billing screen it shows just 4 clicks. How is anyone supposed to understand what is going on if all screens show different data?

Lastly, my payment info page shows this: How you pay Automatic payments (after $200.00 is accrued or after 30 days, whichever comes first). However, no matter when, no matter how much time passes, no matter how many months go by, as soon as I enable an ad, there is a payment initiated. It is usually under $4 but why is it happening when the billing page plainly shows that I should either pass 30 days or $200 before payment is initiated, not within hours and less than $4.

This sort of thing is the majority of the reasoning behind me not using Adwords very often.

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Re: Why all the information variation?

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  Welcome to the community - hopefully we can help to answer your queried here. 


1. Why does my budget spend more that $20

The daily budget you are setting is actually an average daily budget, this average daily budget can sometimes spend more or less than the budget you have set. The restrictions are that the budget cannot spend more that 20% over the target and over the course of a month, the total can not be more than the daily budgets combined - if this is the case you will be refunded the difference (ie. in one month your average daily is $20 @ 30 days - if it spends more than $600 you will be credited the overspent amount). More information can be found on Daily Budgets here


2. Payment


I'm not 100% sure on this one so might be an idea to wait for another response or talk to support but I am pretty sure that Google are verifying your account before putting ads live. This is to ensure that your card is active and that they will be able to charge it once the $200 has been spent. 


Let me know if you have any more questions - AdWords can be an incredibly valuable resource for your business so don't let it's complexity put you off - always feel free to reach out for help from the community, Google or an accredited supplier. 




Re: Why all the information variation?

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Hello GoldieTess and welcome,


In addition to what Matt said above, I would like to point you towards this excellent help center reference which explains why sometimes advertisers are charged beyond their billing cycle and other similar scenarios.


Let us know if that helps somewhere!