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Whom do I call for a refund? Adwords response: no leads at all.

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Why is there no phone number for refunds?  Ya think you're perfect?  Well I want a complete refund for several hundred dollars since November 2013.  You couldn't even sell Santa in December and have failed to send leads since then, yet you charge my credit card monthly.  That will stop today.  I want a REFUND for POOR SERVICE>


Loch David Crane  619-222-2849

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refund for poor service

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How do I apply for a refund?  "Google ad words" charged me since November several hundred dollars with NO referrals for Santa Claus or any other shows. "CC@GOOGLE" also charges me.   Your adwords have failed, and your team needs to refund me and STOP ALL FURTHER CHARGES obviously, or I will sue you.   Loch David Crane   619-222-2849

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September 2015

Re: refund for poor service

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I understand your frustration. However, billing /payment issues are account specifics. Since we do not have access to the account we cannot help with that.

Please contact your local Google customer service. (See contact details below):

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