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Who will pay me $25 for expenditure wheneve I have not single penny?

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Sir according you I can spend $25.00 on one click if my ads click 10 persons then I can spend $250.00 but question raises who will pay me $250.00 for expenditure whenever I have not a single penny& On the other hand $750.00 will be stand in my A/C as a credt So now myself is your crediture for $750.00 Then you are earning so much money from us without doing anything Thanks
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September 2015

Re: Who will pay me $25 for expenditure wheneve I have not single penn

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Hi AJit, I'm not sure what you were expecting AdWords to do for you.  Perhaps it would help if I clarified a few points.


Google never has, and I'm pretty certain never will guarantee profitability from AdWords.  All Google does is present your advertising to their users.  If you target the right customers, show them great Ads, send them to a high quality website with a great landing page showing them the product or service they're looking for at a reasonable price, you have the best chance of success.  However, all these elements are under your control, not decided by Google (or where they are, provided with sufficient controls for you to manage that automated process).  Even if you have all the above in place, there are still no guarantees.  The most experienced advertisers will all tell you that in some cases AdWords simply isn't efficient and not a small part of that experience is in knowing when to stop advertising as well as when to spend.


Success with AdWords take time, experience & effort and that has to come from you.  There is no magical solution where you simply pay and are given a return.



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