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Which is better Payment method in currency as INR or USD ?

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Hi Everybody,


I Operates my adwords account from in India & the target audience are US, UK and Canada so tell me which currency method ie INR is good or USD.

Also, I heard that the final adwords auction happens in USD only, Is this true?.

Please give best solution regarding this.



Re: Which is better Payment method in currency as INR or USD ?

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Hi Umesh

I am not 100% sure that final auction takes place in USD only, but if 3 different accounts with 3 different currencies will compete with each other in a same auction then as per my understanding Google will do the conversion of all 3 currencies into one currency in order to have clear winner in terms of bid, may be that currency could be USD.
As far as the which currency you should choose for your account, my call is that you choose USD. It can help you to save your time in calculating the INR bid to USD bid, also major fluctuation in exchange currency rate may increase or decrease your bid automatically. But one thing i want you confirm that with Google that which payment method will work for a USD currency account and any kind of currency exchange charges.

My thoughts!


Re: Which is better Payment method in currency as INR or USD ?

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from my experience, I would advise INR. I had a lot of campaigns starting to advertise with the same Keyword. Sometimes I used €, sometimes USD and sometimes my local currency HRK.
Whenever my account was in HRK the CPC was lower. Almost like Google adjusts the value of the currency to the market.
And another reason: In the auction there is the need for 1 (smallest) currency unit to overbid your competiton. If this is a very small unit, you can save some money for overbidding the competition with lower valued currency.