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Which is better? Payment currency as INR or USD ??

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Hi there, I am having issue with two clients A & B


Mr A Operates in India & the target audience are visitors from India. But he pays in USD.

Mr B Operates in India & the target audience are visitors from US. But he pays in INR.


Which currency is better for Mr A & Mr B. I heard from some ppc professionals that irrespective of the country we are targeting, it is always better to pay in USD. Is this true?


Also, I heard that the final adwords auction happens in USD only.

Please share yours thoughts regarding this.



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Re: Which is better? Payment currency as INR or USD ??

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Its best to use the same currency that most people in the same targeted country use,


The reason is that its an "auction" after all - and its easier for you to "play" it in the same field - and you don't wont that an changes in "exchange rate" would affect your keyword bidding.


Another thing is - that if you SELL your goods / services in INR its smarter to bid in INR - so your ROI wont be depended on the exchange rate...


Good Luck,



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Re: AdWords currency exchange rate

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Hello again iboy; Great to have you back;


AdWords does use an exchange rate system based on exchange rate provided by City Bank.

I copy / paste for you an extract from another discussion on the same topic (Indian Rupees vs. US dollarsSmiley Happy: The original quote has been removed from the help center, during the last updated, but I think it is still valid.


  • "When converting currencies, we receive a daily feed from Citibank and use the average of the buy and sell prices to determine the exchange rate. Because this calculation is so granular, there is no advantage to bidding in one currency rather than another. Google does not share exact exchange rate information because it fluctuates on a daily basis."

Conclusion: AdWords is an "equal opportunity system" for all currencies. Use whatever currency that you find convenient for your billing method.






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Re: AdWords currency exchange rate

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As far as my experience is concerned I agree with MosheTLV.

And if you look at the conversion rate in last few monts if i were you I would suggest both of your clients to pay in USD Smiley Happy 22% appreciation in last one yar for USD against INR i think



Regards, Nik
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