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Where did this Adwords charge come from?

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I've got a suspicious charge on my card from Sep 22nd. It's from GOOGLE *LTD ADWORDS CC@GOOGLE. COMUS 

I have checked all of my Google Accounts and my billing info is not entered in Adwords. Nor have I ever used Adwords. Is this a legitimate charge? The amount is like $1 but I need to make sure this is a legitimate charge and not a fraud.


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September 2016

Where did this Adwords charge come from?

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Hi Gergana,


GOOGLE ADWORDS. CC@GOOGLE.COM is an authorized charge from Google on your Visa or MasterCard statement. The amount you mentioned indicates it was a verification charge. When the account is newly created, Google can make a nominal charge to verify the payment method you entered is valid and able to be charged.


Apparently you did specify a payment option in one of the accounts, perhaps by mistake.