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When will I get billed for the campaign?

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Hey, I am completely new to adwords, this is the first time I have ever done it. I am promoting one of my YouTube videos at £0.85 a day.


After I had started the campaign and it was "Pending" I added £15 funds onto the adsense account which was drawn from my bank straight away as I had checked it after.


Will adwords just take this amount from the credits after the campaign has finished or will it come from my bank? I don't understand the payment part to this at all, I'd appreciate it if someone could explain to me how it all works.


Thanks, Max Henwood

Re: When will I get billed for the campaign?

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Max,

How you're billed will depend on the settings chosen during the account set-up. Take a look at your Billing tab. If it says "Manual payments" then the account will just pull from however much money you put in. If it says "Automatic payments" then it will use up any money you've proactively input and then you'll be able to use a certain amount of advertising and then it will automatically process a payment. It will list your threshold and more information below the "Automatic payments" label on your Billing tab.

Hope that helps!