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When if ever will I be able to pay for ads with Paypal?

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 This is faster and avoids unnecessary fees.


At least alternative forms of payment - such as the methods websites use to collect money, typically does not go into a bank account and by requiring the bank account wastes time and additional expenses.  In Canada I will transfer the paypal to my bank and it will take a week plus a service fee which is % based.  Then an additional 2.5 % is taken to do the currency conversion.  And now I can finally transfer to Google Adwords which I imagine wants to convert my CAD to USD again.


Its so easy to add paypal I can only imagine this is because Google wants to use Google Wallet or something that is not yet even available.  PLEASE ADD PAYPAL already please yeash

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Re: When if ever will I be able to pay for ads with Paypal?

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Google Employee

HI Stephan,


Thank you for your posting. At this time, we only accept payments in the form of credit cards (see link for more details on forms of payment for your Adwords account) and/or Bank account. As a courtesy, I will forward your suggestion to add Paypal to management.