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What is the average cost that the advertisers pay for a click through

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I realize that this is like asking how long is a piece of string, but at a macro level across the US, Canada, and Mexico, what do advertisers pay for a click through?  I have a knowledgeable advertiser wanting to me sell him click throughs at $.05.  He says is traffic is large, he will up the rate.  But to me, a nickel is way below any averages I can find online.  Any help would be appreciated!


Walt P

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September 2015

Re: What is the average cost that the advertisers pay for a click thro

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Hi Walt,
It will vary by geography, by Keyword, by Vertical, by time of day, by day, etc. - not an easy question to answer. The best way to answer that question is to suggest you use Google's Keyword Planner Tool. This will give you CPC estimates for your exact Keywords, and you can also select filters, such as geographic settings, in order to get a good estimate for what CPCs might be.

And finally, I agree with you - a nickel sounds very low, especially for any competitive Keywords, that have a large search volume.