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What is I pay after a deal takes place and not on every click made on my ad.

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I want to know if it is possible to pay only when a deal takes place and ,not on each click made by someone on the ad..


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Re: What is I pay after a deal takes place and not on every click made on my ad.

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The simple answer is no.


Why? Well - think about it... if Google sends someone to your site - and your site is poorly built and will not convert visitors into customers easily, this is not Google's fault.


The same happens with all advertising media - you place an ad, and you get more or less traffic - whether you convert that traffic into profit is up to you.


However, just as you carefully select the newspapers and magazines you print your ads in - so too should you carefully target your onlline advertising to reach the segment of the online community most likely to purchase your product or service.


The closest you can get to what you want is using the option to use CPA (Cost per Acquisition) bidding - you set up a conversion (such as a confirmed sale) and tell Google how much you would be prepared to spend to get each conversion. Google will then use its internal protocols to try and hit your CPA target.


You cannot ask Google to take responsibility for your effectiveness as a business - only for their ability to drive traffic (qualified to the extent that YOU qualify it through targetting, keyword selection, ad copy, etc) to your site.