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What happens if I set my daily budget at $50, but no one clicks on my ad? Am I not charged anything?

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If no one clicks on my ad, am I not charged, or are the funds used towards the next day? If someone does click on the ad, am I able to see what the cost of that click ended up being?

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What happens if I set my daily budget at $50, but no one clicks on my ad? Am I not charged anything?

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Hi @Amber L,


When you set a daily budget with your AdWords account, you are instructing the system that you will spend up to that amount but not over. The system will then work to best utilize that budget calculated on a monthly budget, so that your daily budget X 30.4 days is the most you would charged for (asked to pay), even if the system over promotes and racks up more that that is actual charges. 


In the event that your campaigns do not generate spendable activity (clicks), you are not charged anything at all. You are not charged unless clicks happen. If you open your AdWords account and click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, you can click on Billing and see all debits, credits, budgets, etc.. This is your billing dashboard and everything to do with billings is always charted here. 


Further, if you open AdWords and click on All campaigns in the left hand menu column, you will see all of your campaigns and what the daily budgets are set to for each. And if you click on the keywords tab, you will see what your keywords are, the maximum cost per click and more. If you are running display ads, you would click on the display tab and you would see charges for them. Rest assured, all charges all always present for you to see. You are always in complete control of your account and charges, always.


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