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Were You Billed After Your Campaign Was Paused or Deleted? Know Why!

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Hello Everyone,

I am Gopa from the AdWords team, and I am back this time with a topic which concerns many of us. We get many questions where we are asked, “I had paused/deleted/cancelled my ads on ‘x’ date and now after 1 month I have been charged! Why? My ads have not been active for a while now”. Lets discuss why this could happen.

Here we would like to assure you that the charge in this case is not made in error but is genuine. Below I have explained this in detail with the help of an example.


In an account, ads were paused/deleted or the account was cancelled on May 29th, 2012, and before that the last time it was charged was on May 5th, 2012. From May 5th to May 29th the ads ran and accrued clicks for which the account was not charged (assuming in this scenario the threshold limit was not met).

So, the form of payment listed in the account would be charged in this case, as the cost accrued between May 5th  and May 29th was not included when we had last charged the account on May 5th and hence is pending at present.

Here it is important to understand that after you pause or delete your campaign/s or for that matter even cancel your account, the system can take up to 60 days to generate your final bill. So when this final charge is made, many of us think it to be a charge made in error as the ads had stopped running a long time back.

However, we assure you that it is not erroneous and is normal billing after ad pausing or account cancellation.

Learn more about the billing cycle, as well as how to verify that you had unpaid costs in your account when you were charged, here.


Hope this was helpful in understanding how you might be billed once you have paused your ads or cancelled your account. If you have any further questions on this, please feel free to ask them and I would be glad to answer. However, for any account specific issue, contacting us is better suited as this is an open forum.


The Google AdWords Team

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Re: Were You Billed After Your Campaign Was Paused or Deleted? Know Why!

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Hello Gopa,


Thanks for sharing this!


You have taken an excellent example to explain all the advertisers who have been into this situation may be once. I hope this should give more clarity and insight on why the charges are levied after a delay.



Re: Were You Billed After Your Campaign Was Paused or Deleted? Know Why!

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