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Web site shows less visits than Adwords billing shows for clicks?

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My site is hosted by Yahoo! Small Business:  Web Hosting.

According to their site statistics:

On 17/5 it had 0 visits.

On 18/5 it had 1 visit.

On 19/5 it had 0 visits.

According to Adwords Billing I was billed for 2 clicks on 18/5.

Please explain how there can be this discrepancy.

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September 2015

Re: Clicks Vs Visits

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Hello nicolasclementz and welcome to the Community;


Not every click is registered as a visit. Please go through the different definition of clicks Vs.  visits in this help center article on What's the difference between clicks, visits, visitors, pageviews, and unique pageviews?





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Re: Web site shows less visits than Adwords billing shows for clicks?

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It does seem like there is some good news here. If you only are getting one visit every three days, two clicks on an ad indicates there is some interest in the audience regarding your site. It's a place to start at least. Smiley Happy