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We were unable to authorize a payment on your credit card

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I have been trying to make the payment for adword since last week and it keeps saying "We were unable to authorize a payment on your credit card". It is the same credit card that i use all the time to pay for google adword and shop online, never i had this problem before. I called the bank they say everything is fine, i contacted google adword they say everything is fine and we are not rejecting any transaction. I dont know what the hell to do.. so **bleep** frustrated i am right now...


wierd thing is google says "We were unable to authorize a payment on your credit card" yet they charge me close to a dollar everytime i try to make the payment ON SAME CARD but then it declines to accept the payment i am trying to make,.


Man Mad


who the hell to ask to sort this out???????????????????????????????????

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Re: We were unable to authorize a payment on your credit card

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Dear Shairyar, 


Thank you for your question.  Please keep in mind this is a public forum, so keep all posts courteous and professional. We certinly understand your frustration and will do the best that we can to help.


First, when one enters a credit/debit card into the AdWords interface, we will send an electronic transmission to the Merchant Services of that company (i.e. AMEX, Visa, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.).  This transmission is a referred to as a pre-authorization charge.  When a new card is entered, there will be a pre--authorization charge of $1 and will show as pending. 


Without looking at the account specifically, it sounds like we are getting a valid pre-authorization charge, but the actual acquisition of the funds is not being processed.  9.9/10 times, this results from an issue on your Merchant Services end.  I would strongly suggest that you contact your Merchant Services and tell them to remove any holds the card itself and to allow any future charges coming from Google AdWords. 


In the meantime, I would also recommended both clearing your cache and cookies and using a different browser to see if you can properly get a payment to process. Additionally, double-check the credit/debit card details are entered correctly, specifically the CVV number (3-4 digit security number).  Sometimes when a new card is issued, the CVV code may chang, which would not allow the payment to be processed.  Finally, add another card on file to use as a form of payment (at least temporarily) until the primary issue is resolved.