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Understanding the numbers... Please help!

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I dont know if someone can help me...


I have recently set up a corporate Google Adwords account and I am having difficulties understanding all of the columns on the Adwords overview. 

For example;

why is the total enabled campaigns different to the total search?

How come the total cost on the overview is completely different to what has been billed?

All of the numbers are different and I am having trouble explaining why when people ask me...


If someone can please explain the costs/columns to me I would be so grateful.



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September 2015

Re: Understanding the numbers... Please help!

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HI Vivian B


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


First of all, I think you may find it helpful to read the following page-


Use columns to find specific performance data


There are various ways to view the data in your account, and different views depending on the date range you select, the tab you are viewing and the columns you have selected etc.

It sounds like you are viewing the summary statistics on the home page rather than the individual campaign level statistics etc. Please see the article above and post back with any specific questions that you may have.


Kind regards