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Threshold reached but not been charged?

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Was wondering if anyone can help me,


I have reached my threshold of £50 (costs equal £82.62) but this has not been reflected in my account balance (which stands at only £0.50) 


Should the account not have been automatically debited of the £82.62 or atlteast moved to my account balance? Or does this take time to move/be debited from my account?


I am confused as my costs equal £82.62 but I can not see that this has been debited or moved to the account balance. Is there something that I am missing?


I have spoken with Google over the phone who confirmed this will move 'in time' to my account balance but they were not very clear.


Any answers would be appreciated.






Edit - Please see pictures below showing the cost and the account balances....




Re: Threshold reached but not been charged?

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If you accrue less than 50$ in costs within 30 days, you’ll be charged after 30 days, and your threshold will stay at $50 in the next billing cycle.

If you accrue $50 or more in costs within the 30-day billing cycle, you’ll be charged immediately and your threshold will increase to the next threshold amount $200.

Have your reached your threshold in less or more than 30 days?

"Sorry, I can't see images in this forum, so i don't know what'are in it?"

Re: Threshold reached but not been charged?

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Thanks for the reply,

I have reached and exceeded my threshold (£50 threshold - £82.62 costs accrued) but have not been charged this amount as there is only £0.50 charge showing on my account balance to date...?