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This campaign is not currently enabled.

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My account is pre-pay. I have a cash balance, and I am below my daily spend limit.  However, my ads all say, "This campaign is not currently enabled."


However, it IS enabled.  ??  What can I do?

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Re: This campaign is not currently enabled.

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Check that the campaign does not have an end date which is in the past, and therefore no longer runs, in spite of the fact that it is enabled.

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September 2015

Re: This campaign is not currently enabled.

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Hi Calin --


That was not the answer, but it seems to have spontaneously fixed itself over the past few minutes.


Must have been another random quirk like AdWords likes to have from time to time.  Or maybe someone in Mountain View changed something Friday night and then left for the weekend, not realizing they had broken it.