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Take Your Money, Suspend You... Tough, No Refund, Dispute it...!

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I'll Take Your Money, Suspend Your Account and Order you to dispute the charge to get your money back... The Google story! Really, is this what they have become? Unfortunate for them: this time it is not a stolen credit card they're hoping won't dispute the charges, it's a ticked off techie (with legit cards that feels only the pathetic who can't afford stuff have to dispute charges but now has been ordered to do so by a Google employee; doing things I don't like doing because they make me feel mean make me grumpy, when I'm grumpy I calculate how many years it took for Yahoo to become a distant memory) that has already changed his browsers' search to rather than this datacollection arm of the NSA.


Btw... the reason they suspended this account (so far as they'll tell me): they couldn't verify the billing information... LoL... If they think the money is stolen shouldn't they be refunding it since none of it was spent!?!?!!?! I WANT MY MONEY BACK IF THEY WILL NOT DELIVER THE SERVICES THEY WERE CONTRACTED TO DELIVER, THEY REFUSE TO GIVE BACK ON THEIR OWN.


They took my money, claimed they sent a refund: I waited weeks... then emailed them with a "When am I going to get my refund to my VISA?!" email and they replied with what is below... WHAT THE HECK!?


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Re: Take Your Money, Suspend You... Tough, No Refund, Dispute it...!

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Thank you for posting to the Community. I have removed the images from this post to protect your privacy - it's not safe to have personal information on a public forum as this information could be misused by others.

I have escalated this issue to a member of the AdWords team to investigate the details of this issue again. Please expect an email from the AdWords team to follow up on this issue.