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Switching from Automatic to Manual Payments

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I've recently set up a campaign and made the mistake of selecting automatic payments and entering my card details when I needed to select manual and enter a promotional code instead. 


I am frantically checking around the Billings tab but I can't find anyway of editing this. Whenever I try setting up a new payment system and cancelling my card, it seems to require further financial information?


Any help on this would be much appreciated,





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September 2015

Re: Switching from Automatic to Manual Payments

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Hi Squaredtodd,

For automatic payments there must always be one approved method of payment on the account at all times. If you need to change this information, add the new payment method first, then you can remove the original payment information.

To enter a promotional code, you can click 'more actions' on your billing page. Please keep in mind some codes have expiration dates and many are only valid on new accounts.

Some links for you:

Editing billing information:

Entering promo codes:

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