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Suspended account due to billing information

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I have a life insurance quote site and my account suspended 3 weeks ago. It was a brand new account and my billing info and credit card info matched correctly. Actually I can try my other credit cards but I don't know the reason cause my account suspension.


However I tried to get answer from community, which is in this post:


In this post I noticed my site doesn't comply with policy and I am here to fix it ASAP.


But as you see even my warning says billing info not verified, I noticed that my site isn't complied. I know that I have to add physical info at the bottom of the page and in the contact page. But there is no warning says SITE SUSPENDED, SITE VIOLATION... in my account, in keywords warnings.


So I need a real helper who can clearly say what can I do to get my site unsuspended. If the issue is really related billing info, I will call credit card company, match my address if it is not matched. Or if it is related to site policy violation, I will fix my site.


But right know I am totally blind about my suspension, it seems Adwords just doesn't want me and I have no idea about it.


I need your help.



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Re: Suspended account due to billing information

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Hello again;

I think, I did all I could do to help you, but to fix the site myself ...Smiley Mad  .(This discussion is spreading on 3 pages.!! ) 


You did fill in the billing form and got a negative answer, I did try my best to guide you through the process of fixing the content.


As I mentioned:

You need to systematically verify compliance of every section of the policy. Review and verify compliance of each clause;
Work with your programmer to verify compliance of all other sections of the Policy;
The recommended method is to work section by section, and verify compliance. I agree it is not an easy task; We cannot do it for you.

Please keep in mind, that fixing the site does not necessarily mean that Google will unsuspned you . This is a risk you'll have to take.


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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