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Something's fishy at Google (India)?

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They say Indians have a unique way of doing things and Google  (India) is no different. I recieved a promotional letter from their Country Marketing Head - Google India offering me an Adwords Coupon for Google Adwords. 

Considering that I was advertising with Facebook and Alexa, I thought it to be a good idea to try Google Adwords.


So I followed the instructions on their website, set up and account and provided my Master Card details -( The same one I use for Facebook and Alexa. )


My credit card was duly verified by Google and they withdrew some token amount for validating the credit card. Thereafter , I cliked on the " make payment " option , only to get a message that the payment was declined and no reason was being provided by my bank. 


When I called up my bank, i was informed that the Google website was not conducting a "secure " transaction and hence the bank was forced to decline it. There was no fund problem.


I called up Google helpline number 1800 120 3000 to inform them to rectify their problem. This is basically how the conversation went with the Google guy, lets call him K :


K (Google) : How can i help?

Me: My payment has been declined. My bank informed me that your website is not using a secure method of transaction.

K : Which card are you using?Master Card or Visa

Me: Master Card

K: Master Card is a debit card. You need to use a Credit Card.

Me : I am sure its a credit card. Please correct the problem at your end 

K : We are having thousands of customers who use credit card. They never have a problem!!!

Me : There was no problem when Google was validating my credit card and charged me a token amount. How come there is a problem when i clicked the " make payment " button?

K: Hmmm you have a point. Let me check with my technical team and I will revert back to you by today evening or tomorrow morning. 

Me: Ok



No call came. After 2 days, I recieved an email asking me how my tele conversation was with Google. I sent them a stinker . The next day, another call from Google, lets call her Ms. N:


Ms.N (Google) : Sir, I believe you were not satisfied with the response you got?

I repreated the whole story and expressed my dissatisfaction with Mr.K

Ms N.: Please check your bank and card sir

Me: Madam I have made so many payments with the same card. 

Ms. N. after a lot of arguing : Our technical team has resolved the problem. Please try making the payment again.

Me: Thankyou


I click the " make payment " button the next day.

I get a message this time that my payment is being processed and that It would reflect in my bill.

I am relieved 

I get a phonecall from Google after 2 -3 hours. Lets call this guy Mr. S:


Mr.S(Google) : Sir, I am from Google. Your card has been declined again. I have sent you an email with some questions about your name, address and monthly bidding etc.. Please answer them so I can fastrack the solution to your problem with my technical team.


Me: Why am i being required to answer questions? The problem is at your end. Please solve it.


Mr. S : Sir we cannot do so till you reply to the email.


Me: I am out of office, let me get to a computer by evening an i will reply


I login to find that my Adwords account is not displaying any ads. The email sent by Mr. S asked me some basic information. I reply and call back the number Mr. S had called from to confirm if he has recieved the email. The number does not work. After a few seconds, the email also bounces!! I suspect some fraud and immediately contact Google India support. Guess who is on the line ? Its the dreaded Mr. K. !!!!


I hang up the phone in frustration and panick .Luckily i get an incoming call from Mr. S

He informs me that Google v customer support company had changed and that i needed to send the information to a different email id. 

I wanted to ask him why he had not provided this information in the first place, but seeing the way they were running things here , I let it be. 


I did however, ask him that in the email he had sent me, he had mentioned that another message would be send to me after i replied to the email What was that about ?

To this Mr.S . replied that he had no clue what he had asked for and he had to read the email (composed by him) again to understand his own message !!!! How crazy is that ???


After having read the message he said that was just some procedural email , nothing much. 


He has assured me of "fastracking" the action to resolve the problem with the billing.


I am currently waiting to see what further absurdities unfold. 


I tried finding a link to report this to Google Headquarters, in the desperate hope that someone will take charge of the sad situation at Google India.I am convinced that Google India is being mismanaged by an incompetent and casual team which believes that problems sort themselves out and if they dont, its fine as long as its not their problem.


In Indian cricket, a ball thrown at the batsmen which he is not able to read or understand is called a “Googly”. In common parlance, in India, actions by individuals to confuse the other person is often called the same – Googly. In the past few days Google India has thrown so many at me that I am completely bowled over.

Out of sheer frustration I am posting this here. I hope against hope that someone at Google is listening or reading this. 



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Re:Credit card Authorization

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Top Contributor

N.L.Lakhanpal, that was a long post....Smiley Wink


I would suggest, though, that you double-check with the bank. I did see cases where it ended up, that the bank's clearing house did have a technical problem clearing transactions, or it declined payments, due to lack of funds, regardless that the credit card was validated with a token.



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Re:Credit card Authorization

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Thankyou for the response and suggestion MosheTLV ,


I thought the same too. I mean, I can expect some problems with ordinary companies but not the Giant itself called Google. 


So,initially  I really thought, it must be the bank's fault (ICICI - one of India's top banks ) or it must be my fault. 

I even felt guilty for posting this in a forum. I mean, Google can do no wrong.


So  I did double-check. My bank even sent me an SMS saying my account had more than sufficient funds as recently as yesterday. Besides, facebook just charged my card twice without any problems. 


Further,if you read my post, the guys at Google themselves acknowledged that there is a technical problem at their end and want to "fast-track" a solution.


I really need some help. Is it possible to bring this to the knowledge of the main Google company? Here, Google India seems to be least concerned or bothered. They have even outsourced resolution of technical issues to a different company, so it takes more time to resolve issues.I think it's called Rampgreen.


In January 2012, I even tried making a payment by posting a cheque. Google India only accepts postal payment in the city of Mumbai and not in Delhi, where I stay and which is the capital of India. The cheque probably got lost in post and my account was never started. Why cant they open a simple collection centre in Delhi? I can have the cheque hand delivered to them.


 I am very confident that if the folks at the main Google HQ come to know of this, they would take adequate steps to resolve the issue and prevent further recurrence of such problems.