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SEND electronic receipts - its not hard

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Its a disgrace that a mulit-national company does not send  out invoices - especially electronically.

Maybe they are nervous if everyone saw their invoice in near term, they'd be spending less on adwords.

Google never answers this question, they just keep saying "monthly contracts get monthly statements".

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Re: SEND electronic receipts - its not hard

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You can set up a report to send you month-to-date click costs. That's probably the best way to get estimates of your spending. 


However, be aware that because it takes time for all data to be posted to the system (some costs are subtracted if invalid clicks are diagnosed, some click data from non-Google websites can take longer to be processed, etc.), these really are going to be estimates.


As for invoices--I don't see how Google could possibly send those. This isn't a business with a fixed fee monthly or even one where Google determines costs. Everything an advertiser does each day affects their total spend. (And any advertiser with an active advertising campaign should be checking performance and monitoring costs often enough that their total monthly spend is something they're very familiar with--so, no invoice needed.)

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