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Regarding Ad Word payement

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1)I wanted to put advertisement only specific days, example my Advertisement Should appear only 10 days after activation, after that i wanted to disable  .. how to set up? can u help me?


i have one more  question

2) my budget is $10 per day , total click is 100, in case user does not click 100.. user clicks only 20 clicks per day.

how much i need to pay per day? is it $10?



please help me




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September 2015

Re: Regarding Ad Word payement

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  • You can schedule your campaign in campaign settings with Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling. In Schedule you can have start and end date for your campaigns.
  • Adwords daily budget is maximum you want to spend per day and if your campaign fails to get enough clicks / impressions to spend your daily budget, then you end up paying only what clicks / impressions actually spent and not the overall daily budget.
  • Read more about daily budget at


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