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Refunds Problems

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Google first cancelled my ads for unknown reasons and I had made a payment to them (which they confirmed), now I want a refund and I have waiting for more than 7 weeks with no response. 

Now my card has expired and I have a new card, and I want the money to be transferred to the new credit card number but I don't know what to do and neither have i received the money with the previous number.

Please help, google is really pissing me off, big time

Re: Refunds Problems

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Here is a solution


Sign in to your AdWords account at
Click the My account tab and select Preferences.
In the Account Cancellation section, click Cancel this account.
Fill out all the necessary fields and click Submit Request.
Click the Billing tab.
Click Make payments.
Click Request a refund.
Fill out all the available fields and click Submit Request.
If your account is on bank transfer prepay, you'll be brought to a secure PayPage. Fill out your bank account details and click Continue. Or, you may fill out this form and fax it to Google .


Re: Refunds Problems

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I e-mail them and keep getting this reply:
Thank you for your email.
Our specialists have re-reviewed your account CID:XXXXXX and have determined that our decision is correct and final. As a result, your account, and any related accounts you may have created, have been suspended.
no Information for my refunds, I cancelled my account more than 7 weeks ago