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Refund cancelled in my adwords account

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I had canceled my google adword account & i want my money to be refund on my bank account but they r doing refund but same time they r canceling refund 

this is how my payment history is .... 


On date  Apr 1 

Refund cancelled: Visa ...9068                          =====10,000.00(10,000.00)Apr 1

Payment refunded: Visa ...9068                         =====10,000.00 0.00Apr 1
Refund in progress: Visa ...9068 for 10,000.00    ===== (10,000.00)Apr 1
Starting balance

(10,000.00) Mar 1, 2013 - Mar 31, 2013 Rs.10,000.00 Rs.10,000.00 (Rs.10,000.00) Mar 6

Refund cancelled: Visa ...9068                          ======10,000.00(10,000.00)Mar 6
Payment refunded: Visa ...9068                        ======10,000.00 0.00Mar 1
Starting balance
(10,000.00)Feb 1, 2013 - Feb 28, 2013 (Invoice ...201302)

Rs.0.00 Rs.10,000.00 (Rs.10,000.00) Feb 18 Payment: Visa ...9068   10,000.00 (10,000.00) Feb 1

Starting balance

 my Question is how will i get my money back ? n how long google take to refund my money ???

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Re: Refund cancelled in my adwords account

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Hello and welcome,


There is a time limit during which you will get the refund after cancelling your Adwords account. It also depends upon what type of payment method have you used while running Adwords. Read more on this here:


Since it's an account specific issue, I would also suggest you calling Adwords support as they would be better able to explain the situation to you:



Re: Refund cancelled in my adwords account

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Still The same problem , & when i contact them they r always saying....we'll contact u with in 3 days and then again this cycle continues...

what im thinking is to go to there office in gurgaon DLF phase 3,and ask them...