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Refund - Google knows how to make it miserable

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# 1
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My adwords account is suspended for policy violation (no one at Google will tell me what policy has been violated. Lets leave that at aside for now).


Let see how I can get my money back.


  1. I request for a refund by sending the Refund Request form to US fax number
    FAX NUMBER ?? Which era is google in!! 
    That's google trying to make the 1st step difficult -- welcome to the joy ride.

  2. Refund Request sent by fax. Now waiting..... Lets see how difficult it is to get a simple refund status update.

Very lovingly google will show multiple ways to communicate with them.

  1. PHONE CALLs -- seems straight forward, right.
    You call the toll free number, you're asked to punch in your account number, you do so and bam!! You'll hear a long IVR saying your account was suspended (as thought I was unaware) and some more blah blah, none of which is of any help and then HANGUP. Approach failed.

  2. PHONE CALLs -- I try to act smart
    I call the same toll free number but refrain from punching in my account id. The call reaches a human operator. I'm glad, hopefully someone will help me. The lady takes down my account number, realises its a suspended account and very politely says that I'll be transferred to the concerned department. You are still hoping to speak to someone just then, you hear the same IVR saying "your account is suspended.... etc etc". You're now deep fried!!

  3. Lets try CHAT.
    Google will ask you to fill in some basic details, which you do & then you press next.
    You're now expecting to chat with a human, instead you'll see a screen which says something like google has received your message and they will respond asap. What happened to the CHAT?????

  4. Lets try EMAIL
    Finally you resort to the slowest of the methods. You fill up a form which will send an email to google.
    After 4-5 days you will get a reply saying the same thing ... your account is suspended etc etc.
    The 1st line of the reply says "*** Please do not respond to this system-generated email. ***"
    All doors closed!!!

What do you do next, nothing! Either forget your money or, lets say simply forget your money.


Google, seriously, with billions of $$ in cash, being #1 tech company, this is least expected.



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Re: Refund - Google knows how to make it miserable

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Di you follow this step?
If you have a credit balance on your account, you can cancel the account and initiate a refund. Check the process here:

Hope this helps!

Re: Refund - Google knows how to make it miserable

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# 3
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It would help if you read my message before replying.
I've really written a long one you see.

Re: Refund - Google knows how to make it miserable

Community Manager
# 4
Community Manager

As your account is suspended you have a few options:
1. Request a re-review / appeal of your Policy Violation Suspension here: - if you would like to continue advertising

2. Request a refund of your outstanding balance if you no longer wish to advertise. I can see you have done this, and as you have selected the Fax Option I can assume you are based in India, and this is the only refund method for that country.

As for the Policy Suspension, some violations are so serious that we may decide that we can never accept advertising from you. Please review this article to understand which violation you fall into:


Re: Refund - Google knows how to make it miserable

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# 5
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Pls read my post before replying. You're only adding to global warming.
2nd line of my post reads "Let see how I can get my money back."
Adwords Refund team is inaccessible!! Thats my grumble.
There's no way to get a status update on the refund!! Thats my disappointment.