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Recurring Visa Transaction????????

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So Google automaticly took £50 out of my debit one day and I called my bank and told them to bar Google from taking money from me.


Then a month later debt collection agency comes along asking for £30.

So I argue saying I don't own anything and they kept going on.


Got to the point where my loyer mate said just pay them or you will just lose and get bad credit for life.


So I pay them but on my card statment I have "Recurring Visa Transaction".......


Recurring being the word I am not happy with.


My Adwords account is closed "This account has been cancelled."....


So why does it say Recurring?

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Re: Recurring Visa Transaction????????

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Hi Jackster,


After the cancellation of your Adwords account, did you receive any email from Adwords about any outstanding balance or not?


Did you check the Billing Tab of your account for any cost that was accrued and is left for deduction from Google's side?


It also depends upon what payment method you used for Google Adwords. I suppose you used the automatic payment method, where Google deducts money automatically from your credit card. The account cancellation process varies from country to country. I would recommend contacting Adwords support for more account specific insight.


Hope that helps!


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Re: Recurring Visa Transaction????????

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Hi Jackster,


By the sounds of things when you cancelled your account there was an outstanding balance for accured clicks while it was active on automatic payments.

After you cancel your account, depending on the payment instrument (credit card, direct debit, etc) it can take up to 30 days for us to request the outstanding balance from your banking provider. If your banking provider had blocked all payments to Google, this outstanding balance may not have been received, hence our Collections team getting in touch.


In regards to your "Recurring Visa Transaction" this is most probably due to how your banking provider details direct debits or recurring credit card payments on your statement. This payment would cease after the account cancellation and the outstanding balance had been received in full.


As per Pankaj's advice, I'd strongly recommend getting in touch with your local support team, as above, to discuss more specifically or replying directly to the email you received from our Collections team to resolve the issue.