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Re: How to start up MDS in MCC?

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One of the accounts in my MCC is new, there is no payment methods yet.


I would like to move this to a MDS but the "manage" link is not available for this account?


How to get this setup?

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September 2015

Re: How to start up MDS in MCC?

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Hi NickU, 


Thanks for posting.  


This can sometimes be a result of a browser issue, try clearing your cache and cookies, or try using an alterntive browser and this should resolve your issue. 


However if your are still having issues with not seeing the manage link it can be due to the following reasons. 


1) One of the most common reasons why users cannot assign a budget is that they are logging into the MCC at the inccorect level, make sure that you are logging into the MCC that has the MDO on it, and work your way down to the account to add the budget. 


2)The currency of your manager defined order order(MDO) is different to the account which you are trying to add a budget. The currecy of the MDO and child account must be the same. 


3)The account you are trying to assign a budget to is using our new billing interface(you can tell if this is the case by looking at your billing tab, if it does not have a drop down menu it is using the new interface), our new billing interface does not yet allow MDS.  However in your case the account is likely to be on the old interface as you have not entered any billing details.  


I hope this heps.