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is it correct that total cost is CPC and bidding?


What about Fee or Tax or service?


I want to know total cost....     Example --->

E.g     $0.05 x 100 click = $5 per day x 30.4 per monthly = $152 per month.

So I have to pay billing for $152 every monthly.


Is it correct?

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Hi Jackson

Yes, your calculation is correct for the monthly billing cycle cost, but its for only 100 clicks a day. If clicks increases then cost will also increase accordingly.
For taxes, I am not 100% sure about billing in US but if you use prepaid Adwords account then you get the same advertising credit that you have paid, i.e. if you have recharged the Adwords account with $1000, then you will get $1000 of advertising credit, no deduction.


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Hi Jackson,


More information about taxes in your country can be found here:


Just to note the difference between cost and bidding. You set a maximum CPC bid in your account. There is also another figure called: Average CPC. Average CPC is actual CPCs (the actual amount you're charged for a click on your ad), which might be different (usually lower) than your maximum CPCs (the highest amount that you're willing to pay for a click). 


Hope this helps!