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Question about daily budget and CPI

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If I set a CPI of $1 and a daily budget of $50, and I get 20 installs in a day, do I pay the full $50 or only $20?

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May 2016

Re: Question about daily budget and CPI

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Hi Marcelo,

You will charged by Google only $20 because your CPI is $1.

Anand Kumar

Re: Question about daily budget and CPI

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If you meant Cost per Install by CPI and hoping you might be having universal app campaign type then adwords will try to manage the bid to give a conversion(install) within $1.
But everything depends on the account history and some conversions(install) may cost higher or lower than your target value.
So, you can get less or more than 50 conversions for a budget of $50 as another factor may alter the number that is your cost may exceed than the daily budget -$50.

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