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Dear Google,


I want to create Ad Words campaign for my Gaming Community site and want to try with small amount for a start.

On billing page I see a promotional code field and my question is how to get it.


Thanks in advance,

Milos Karaklajic


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September 2015

Re: Promotional Code

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Google don't just give these coupons out to everyone. A lot of the time you can find them in industry publications and if you're acocunt is less than 15 days old you should be able to apply them to it.


Google also work with 3rd party providers who can sometimes offer the coupons (buy a domain, hosting etc and get a coupon)


As far as I'm aware no one in this community will be able to give you one.

Re: Promotional Code

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Actually, there are many ways to get these.  I have TONS of these promo codes but I don't think I should just list them here since weeks from now they won't be any good to anyone.


How to get them?

  1. Google sometimes has PPC text and display ads stating "Sign up Now and get $100 in free advertising"
  2. If you sign up for an account, a few days after a message will appear at the top saying something like "Your ads aren't running.  Need help getting started?  Learn More" and they usually offer you a promo code to get started.
  3. Join Google Engage (might not be relevant to new advertisers)
  4. Go to YouTube and search for adwords coupons.
  5. Agencies get these by the truckload to entice new client sign-up.
  6. Call Adwords support to get started at 1-866-2GOOGLE and see if they will give you a code.

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