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Promo code?

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Hi, Got promo code but where does it go in billing? Very frustrating its not easy to find. Come on google you make plenty of money from us, where in billing does it go. There is no box for promo code.

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Re: Promo code?

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Hi Chris,


You first need to go to your Billing (1) tab and then hit the More actions (2) drop down button which should reveal Apply a promotional code (3).


The picture below should clarify everything for you.


Adwords promo.jpg



ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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how to change country or region for Promo code?

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I apply promotion code for  my AdWords acount when i submit promotion code but there is a problem massage ( We're sorry, you're not eligible for this promotional code for the following reason: Your billing address doesn't match the country or region specified in the offer details.)

my question is how to change country or region ? my billing address is alrady pakistan but promo code at US


Re: how to change country or region for Promo code?

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Hi Karwane S Smiley Happy. Welcome to the community.
I'm sorry to say this but you can't change the country or region because the promo codes are territorial specific. If you want further answers, I suggest that you contact the AdWords support center.

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck Smiley Happy.