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This is really stupid.  I've been a customer for some time now and as a loyal customer I dont' get any incentive for staying with you.  But if I go through the trouble of cancelling my account and restarting one, I will be a new customer and I will be able to use promo codes?  


Your marketing and customer service retention department needs some serious help.  Did any of the program retention department heads, actually go to school to understand what makes customers stay? 


I am throughly unimpressed that NEW customers get to use promo codes and existing customers get nothing. 




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Re: Promo Codes

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Hello 219 D;


This concern of your has been raised by many advertisers;


There are some incentives, I have heard of, mainly for the "really big" spenders. However, not for the majority of advertisers that are the Small-Medium advertisers.


Google is aware of that; However, its marketing policy is that incentives are only for newbies - and those are also limited for 14 days; The reason is probably, that when you start with a "loyalty program", you never know where it ends... (Take for example the airlines: they had to restrict bonus tickets, after the inflation in mileage earned by credit card holders..)


And back to your opening sentence: I don't think that $75 worth the "hassle" / "mess" of cancelling an account and open a new one.


My view...


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Re: Promo Codes

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As far as I know, this is a very standard business practice. Most companies offer incentives to get new customers to try their products and I've never heard of one of those offers applying to current customers. In that way, Google's practices are in line with those of many, many other businesses.


We're buying advertising 'time' and shouldn't expect to get it for free, any more than anyone buying a TV ad would expect to get the time for no charge.

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Re: Promo Codes

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Hi 219 D, I do appreciate your frustration believe me.  I feel this way every time I see my mobile (cell) phone operator offering all manner of goodies to new customers and I get nothing but tickets for boy bands I don't care about after 6 years with the same provider but as Theresa has said, there is a fundamental difference between this type of business and AdWords.


Incentives for existing customers are usually employed because the customer has a choice in the company that provides the service/product and the customer receives no profit or tangible benefit from using one company over another.  For example, I could switch my mobile phone provider, the people I use for my business cards, the garage that services my car, my ISP, etc.  These people should be giving me incentives because I have a choice of who I go to and I don't get any real "income" from these services, they're things I have to pay for.


AdWords is different.  For a start there really is no alternative to AdWords; they're not a monopoly, Bing has it's own advertising platform and Bing makes it easy to import AdWords Campaigns, there are also any number of other online advertising solutions, so there's always a choice, but if you want to hit the biggest number of potential customers you've got to be with AdWords.  This doesn't mean Google don't care - they do - but it's a fair point that needs raising.


The better argument is that you shouldn't need an incentive because you should be making a nice healthy profit from your advertising.  If your AdWords is working well for you, why would you need an incentive to carry on taking that profit?  If you gave me $3000 a month and I gave you $10,000 a month back, why would you need an incentive to continue that arrangement?  Surely the only person that needs an incentive in this situation is me!


If AdWords isn't generating a profit for you, then you'd have to ask yourself why, try to resolve that problem, and if it can't be resolved, if there's no way to possibly generate a positive return on investment, then you should stop advertising.



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