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Preventing Adwords budget form being depleted

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My client pays using prepay and only wants to put in small amounts into Adwords at a time. As a result, the budget often gets depleted within 3-4 weeks and then we have to request that they add in more money into the system. The problem arises when we miss the fact that the budget is going to run out and then we get a few hours (or sometimes days if it's over the weekend) where our ads are not showing because the budget has ran out.


I was wondering if you guys have any tips on how you would manage this? I was originally thinking of setting up a recurring reminder in Outlook that reminds me to check the remaining budget on a date when we think the budget might be close to running out but I wonder if there is a smarter/automated/less time consuming way of doing this? Is there something that can be done with scripts or with automation? How do you guys deal with this kind of problem?


Many thanks

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Re: Preventing Adwords budget form being depleted

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If your client has a limited budget, make sure that you run his ads during the most efficient time of the day. For that, you need to run different reports and come to the conclusion of which all days, what particular time the Google ads are most effective and run the ads accordingly.


Also, do not go for accelerated ad delivery, rather go for standard delivery. Don't use bid multipliers to increase the bid (like 10%, 20% etc...)


Run the more restrictive match type keywords instead of more generic.


I also found this help center doc which contains some details around AdWords script related to budget:-


Hope that helps!


Re: Preventing Adwords budget form being depleted

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Hi Pankaj,

Sorry I don't think I explained my problem very well.

I'm talking about the credit that is added into the Adwords system from my client's bank account. They only add in small increments into the Adwords system and as a result I need to keep asking them to add in more money when the budget is close to running out. Sometimes I forget to check how much budget is left in the account which leads to the Adwords system to stop my client's ads from running.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a more organised and efficient way to check up on how much budget is left in the account. I could check every single day but this would be too time consuming.