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Pre-payment not available for new adword accounts?

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I do not understand why I am only allowed to select a pre-paid option; My client has a strict budget, and neither of us wants to be managing the spend and trying to micro-manage/terminate the campaign when the budget is burned. Australia is a first-world country - why is pre-payment not permitted?. 


Please explain the principle behind this decision. Alternatively, please explain why I cannot select a strict cap on my campign (not a monthly target, but a specific cap e.g. $500 at which the ad/campaign disables).

Re: Pre-payment not available for new adword accounts?

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Hello Gerry,


From what I have seen, the move towards the post-pay method is a global move.


In here you can find the payment options for each country , and as you can select many large countries you will notice that the majority (starting from US and Canada, large teritories for AdWords) have post-pay :


In here, if you expand "Manual payments" you will find a list of countries where it is not allowed :