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Please Help with: Account Banned - Billing Issue and/or Terms of Service

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**NOTE: I apologize for re-posting this. I posted it in the wrong forum a few hours ago. **


Hi all,


I appreciate any help the googlers or others can provide.


I have searched through the AdWords Community and found several other posts with this topic, but the suggestions don't really fit what I'm trying to do (as I'll try to explain).


Two weeks ago I received the 100$ come-back-to-Adwords credit. I was thinking of promoting a meeting I organize in town so figured the adwords credit might be useful.


I used adwords effectively in 2010/2011.


Two days after adding the promotion and starting my campaign, I received the canned (ToS) email. When I checked my adwords account, I had the typical "Billing Issue".


This was more than 5 business days ago.


In those days I have done the following things:


  • Responded to the email (as google requests) --> Result: Canned email, again.
  • Went to the website and wrote my details --> Result: Canned email, again.
  • Called the phone number to speak to a person about this --> Result: Whenever I enter my ID I get the same canned response, but instead of reading it I get to listen to it.
  • Called the phone number to speak with a sales rep (in hopes of getting a transfer) --> Result: Cannot be transferred to a person without giving the machine my ID... give the machine my ID and get the canned response.


The details and why I know I did not violate any terms:


  • I received the adwords credit, but my credit card on file (1) has been used in the past and (2) is still valid.
  • I was advertising for a GMAT study session... nothing in violation of anything
  • My account is American (my address and CC) but I'm advertising in Thailand. I live in Thailand but my credit card is american. This is not the case of a stolen card.


I understand these things take time. I would just like to talk to someone or know if something is going to happen. 


If my account is suspended for ever, I'd like to ask someone why. If my account is under review, I'd like to know that. The messages are a bit mixed and it is understandably frustrating.


I'm not really upset, because I know I did nothing wrong, but I would really like some feedback or recognition. Or, if I did something wrong, I'd like to know what it was and explain myself.


From the recent posts in the community it seems like this is common. Wiht that said, I don't see anyone in the community making these posts having a positive outcome. So I'm concerned.


Thank you. Please respond when possible.

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Re: Please Help with: Account Banned - Billing Issue and/or Terms of Service

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Hello craiggonzales;

I have referred your issue to Google. 

Hopefully, a Google Rep will contact you. Since we do not have access to your account, that's the best we can do.




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Re: Please Help with: Account Banned - Billing Issue and/or Terms of Service

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Hi all,


I just received this email from google:


"Same canned response +"


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.Thank you for your continued patience during this process. Our specialists have re-reviewed your accounts and have determined that our decision is correct and final. As a result, your account, and any related accounts you may have created, have been suspended.




I really did not break any terms, so I am incredibly concerned. 


Is there any way I can talk with a Googler?





Re: Please Help with: Account Banned - Billing Issue and/or Terms of Service

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Google Employee

Hi craiggonzales,


Quite often we review accounts to ensure that they adhere to our Policies, Security and Billing details. These are completely normal reviews and can take a few days.


As I cannot see your account, may I ask you that you check a couple of things for me please;


- Can you please go to the Campaigns tab in the top green bar 

- Select 'This Week' as a date range in the top righ hand corner

- Select a Campaign

- Select the AdGroups or Ads Tab above the graph


Can you see any impressions / clicks recorded when you select this option?


If you can see impressions or clicks, your account is now active and no longer under review. If you cannot see any clicks or impressions, can you please let me know on this forum.


Many thanks,



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Re: Please Help with: Account Banned - Billing Issue and/or Terms of Service

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Hi Neevie and all,


I received an email earlier this afternoon clearing this up. Thank you for your support.


For others who find this post via Google search, if you are legit:

  • Send your email
  • Post your story here - I have no way to confirm it, but I believe the post to the Adwords Community helped my review.
  • Be patient

I cannot imagine how many people scam the system, so I cannot imagine the workload or the annoyance on the Googlers. I am just happy this worked itself out.





Re: Please Help with: Account Banned - Billing Issue and/or Terms of Service

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Hi Craiggonzales


Congratulations! Glad you got somewhere! I however have not!


I manage a site for one of clients, a completely legit and functional online business and have done for several years. Recently I tried to run an advert in my personal account for a website I had created.


When I submitted the advert, it was rejected due to capitalisation in the "This Was My Title" - So without argument I changed the title to "This was my title" and resubmitted. It got rejected again citing ToS Site Policy, but no real explanation...


Frustrated I disabled the advert until I could figure out what the problem was... I never resubmitted the advert. A few days later I got banned !!


The problem now is that because my personal account was banned, they have connected that I was the billing contact on my clients AdWords account and have banned that account also!


What is most frustrating is that at NO POINT was the advert ever seen publically, so, instead of nurturing my in-experience they just hit you with a ToS violation and a useless page of terms and conditions without actually explaining how and why they reached their decision.


Spoke to the google helpline, who I must add spoke and treated me like some kind of criminal, but they offered no solution!


With no way of knowing what I actually did wrong when I submitted the advert the second time, there was no way to fix it. Since I disabled the ad after being disapproved the second time and did not resubmit a 3rd time, why was I subsequently slapped and banned!


I have taken this extremely personally those that know me know I play withing the rules on everything always!