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Payment not shown in adwords

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I have made a payment on 09.08.2012.But the amount is not shown in adwords.My id is 249-901-2786.Where has the money gone ?

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September 2015

Re: Payment not shown in adwords

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Welcome To Our Growing Community,


Where are you located SIr? There is an ongoing delay for Netbanking in India.


According to AdWords Known Issues:


What happened?
For India customers who are making payment with DirecPay, we are expecting to have a delay of payment update for 6~7 days due to an issue that we found recently. The issue has been already fixed by our vendor and our engineers are working on testing the fix that has been applied. However, until we verify the fix, our advertisers will experience a delay of budget update for 6~7 days instead of normal 1 day DirecPay payment update. 

As an interim solution, please make a payment using different form of payment such as Credit card or Cheque as applicable. Once the fix is verified by Google, full-functionality will be restored. Thank you for your patience!

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Re: Payment not shown in adwords

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I am from India.It seems that I need to wait and watch since I don't have credit card