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Payment Related Issue

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Actually i just created an agency account in google adwords and i want to know how i can pay for my clients.


i just want that my client will pay directly to me and i'll add funds to their account from my single funds account.


please tell me how can i do this thanks.

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Re: Payment Related Issue

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Hi pactsgroup,


For managing multiple clients you'd really want to be using an MCC (my client center) account.


An MCC acts as an umbrella account that give you access to accounts that are linked to it (your client accounts)


This way each clients has their own account with their own billing information in it so you aren't responsible for their ad spend.


How to Create an MCC account


This is by far the easiest and most managable way to handle multiple clients.


Re: Payment Related Issue

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Hello pactsgroup and welcome,


In addition to what Adam said above, I would like to add about MDS i.e. Manager Defined Spend, where you will be billed for your client accounts for which you want to have MDS enabled. There are certain criteria and eligibility to attain MDS, which you can find in this article.


And in order to put an account into MDS, follow this reference.


Hope that helps!