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Payment Option by Bank Transfer

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Dear AdWords Team,

We really want to improve our business by increasing our budget.
We are from Maldives and we are using Sri Lankan credit card since Maldives Banks has a daily limit that bank can not over come. But Sri Lanka credit card can use only up to $500 per day.

As you know it is not safe to keep large amount in credit card account we have to transfer money to Sri Lanka from Maldives, this is daily we have to do, like if we got stuck on a week end like today our account will be not working.

The other thing every $1 we are loosing Rs.5 during the money transferring from Maldives to Sri Lanka and In Sri Lanka We can not maintain $$ account so the amount will be converted in to Rs and when we are paying to Google Rs will be converted in to $$ so every month we are loosing big amount in exchange.

As I mentioned, we like to improve our business and  increasing our budget,  the only possible way is Google,

We would like to transfer our money to Google directly,
Please helps, we are not asking anything free or any credit, we need an option to send money to Google so that our account will run without any interruption.

Thank you.

Re: Payment Option by Bank Transfer

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Hello Ahmad,


I can suggest you to switch to the Invoicing account. Check this link you will get a complete idea.


Foyzul in LInkedIN

Re: Payment Option by Bank Transfer

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Well in my opinion you should change your payment option. I would suggest you to opt Direct Debit payment option (assuming that you're using Post Pay). Understand what Direct Debit is:


Direct debit: If you choose this option, Google will deduct AdWords payments from your bank account. You may be required to submit a debit authorization or verify a test deposit before your ads can run. See a list of frequently asked questions about direct debit.

If you use postpay, we recommend entering a backup credit card in your account. If your primary form of payment is ever declined, we'll attempt to charge your backup credit card to help ensure that your ads run continuously.


And if you are using Prepay then go with

Bank transfer: If you choose this option, you'll make AdWords payments by transferring funds from your bank account to Google's bank account. Your ads will typically begin running as soon as we receive and process your payment. This typically takes 5 to 10 business days, depending on your country and what bank you use.

Be sure to include the correct reference number when making a transfer or we won't be able to match your payment to your AdWords account. See a list of frequently asked questions about bank transfer.


For more details follow


I hope it helps.



Anand Vishwakarma