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Payment Not Credited to My adword account

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I made a net banking transfer for my Client ID: XXX, on 8th Aug'2014 for an amount of INR 10,000. The money is still not credited to my google adwords account. 


I chatted to "Tani" and emailed her the payment confirmation email from my bank and then also a copy of the bank statement.


I also made another transfer of INR 11,000 in order to keep the ads running and this was done after chat with "Tani", this time the money got credited to the adwords account. Surprisingly she then writes to me says congratulations missing payment of INR 11,000 is credited to your adwords account (I am sure you have a track of the chat conversations).


I had sent her a reply that INR 11,000 is a fresh payment made by us but, the INR 10,000 on 8th Aug'2014 is still missing. Since, then she has not sent any reverts.


Couple of day ago, another person "Sumit from Google" tells us that money has been credited back to the bank account. This comes out to be completely a false statement when checked with bank.


Today surprisingly "Sumit" says that the transaction had failed and google has nothing to do with it. When asked for email id of a senior where the issue can be escalated, first he refused then he gave a name and email ID for a gentleman by the name "Vishal Vaid" and surprisingly it was very difficult for him to even recall his last name.


Please note that I have already emailed the bank statement confirming that the money had been debited from my account.


IS THERE ANYONE AT GOOGLE WHO CARES TO GET THE MATTER SOLVED?? or does it only depend upon a customer's luck when he is making a payment to google?? 

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Re: Payment Not Credited to My adword account

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Pradeep,


Thanks for posting. Your post was edited to remove personally identifiable information. As per our Community Guidelines, we request that you avoid posting any personal information. 


Have you replied to the AdWords Rep with a proof of payment (that the INR 10,000 has been taken from your bank account)? This can be sent to the Billing Team who will be able to find and match the payment for your client account. 


A proof of payment can be a scanned image or screenshot of your bank transfer receipt, your bank or credit card statement or your online bank or credit card account. Your proof of payment should include the following information:


* The date the payment was made. If possible, show all transactions for five days before and after the payment

* Amount and currency of the payment

* The beneficiary of the funds, i.e. Google AdWords

* The name of the remitting bank

* The Unique transaction number


The Support Team usually ask that you black out any sensitive information on your bank or credit card statement, particularly your entire bank account number or the middle eight digits of your credit card number. 


Once you send this to the Support Rep, they should be able to work with the Billing Team to resolve this issue promptly for you. 


Best of luck!



Payment Not Credited to My adword account

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I got same issues, have to get refund back