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Paying for clicks from abroad - Acc 811-034-1729

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Yes I have an account with your targetted specifically at the UK market 811-034-1729.  I get hits from around the world and I cant undertand why I am paying for hits from US, India, Hong Kong etc these are certainly not on my target territory

Why am I eing charged for cliks I dont want and have not asked for please.....?

I will turn the PPC off until I understand what is going on





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September 2015

Re: Paying for clicks from abroad - Acc 811-034-1729

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Hi Colin, 


Thanks for posting in the Commnuity. 


Happy to try and help you here with your query, but first of all I'd recommend that you edit your earlier post to remove your 10 digit customer ID number to protect your privacy. You can edit your post by clicking on the Options button (next to your post) and then clicking on the Edit button). 


If you're receiving clicks from outside the region that you targeted intially, I'd recommend double checking your settings to make sure that you have the best settings for what you want. If you select your campaign and then click on the "Settings" tab, then scroll down to the "Location Options (Advanced)" section and expand this, you will see you have some further options to make. Next to the section that says "Target" if you see "People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location" this means that your ads could show outside your targeted country if a users search terms indicate that they are interested in your services in your targeted country. This is called query parsing and is explained in a little more depth here. To try and help your ads show only in your targeted country I'd recommend you change your option here to "People in my targeted location" by clicking on the "Edit" button.


This will tweak your settings so that your ads are more likely only to show in your targeted country. Though please be aware that location targeting isn't always 100% effective, it's very good, but isn't 100% accurate. This is partly due to the way internet service providers hand out IP addresses to users. For example multiple users could share the same IP address and be in different physical locations, which sometimes makes it difficult to accurately locate someones location.


Hope this helps a little and makes the situation a little clearer.