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Paid manually, still got charged for automatic payment

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I had a charge for an ad that I forgot I had in my account that became active in April. I got charged $19.58 for the beginning of June. I made a manual payment instead of waiting for the automatic payment to be done. I assumed that since I made a payment and it was taken out and cleared from my bank account that everything was paid.


Apparently, manual payments take longer to reach Google Ads because I was charged via automatic payment as well. I contacted customer service and was told that I would only get a credit to my account. Why can't I receive a refund? Is this really the policy for doing the right thing and paying before it was due? I don't even want to run the ad anymore and don't know when I will be running ads again for me to use the credit. I don't see why I have to be out an extra $20. I live paycheck to paycheck so every dollar counts. While the representative was helpful and I know it is no fault of his, I do not feel right with just receiving a credit to my adwords account. I should be able to get a refund. This wasn't a mistake or a suspended account. I paid what I owed and got charged again!


What can be done? Or can I see the policy that says I can't receive a refund in this case? I would like my money back. I have no use for adwords credit right now.


Warning to others: Don't do the right thing and pay ahead of time manually because you will just be charged again.

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Paid manually, still got charged for automatic payment

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Sorry to hear of your experience.


They will not provide a refund as long as an account is active (running ad or not). Please review this info about cancelling AdWords and requesting a refund. Please note that some accounts take time to get the refund credited, so I caution that it will not be something to rely on for living expenses for a specific date of arrival. 


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