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PPC Monthly Costs & Making Money?

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Hey so I am fairly new to managing a Google Adwords account and I was hoping someone could help set me straight on this question I have been having. Are specific companies able to get clicks cheaper for re-sale to clients? For example I was dealing with this one company that said for $700 per month I would get 200-300 clicks per month? I understand setting my bids but in the market that I am advertising which is very competitive the cost per click is high so there is no way I could ever get that many clicks per month off a $700 budget. And if I am paying them $700 how do they make their money on it? 


I am asking this because I am a web designer/graphic designer with a few clients asking me about this but I just don't know how to structure a deal so I still get paid for my time of managing their campaign???


Thanks for any help you can provide... 

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Re: PPC Monthly Costs & Making Money?

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What are the keywords you are trying to marketing on Google adwords ? 


Do ask them may its just there consulting fees?

Re: PPC Monthly Costs & Making Money?

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I am working for a roofing contractor in Ottawa so there many keywords but to name a few:


ottawa roofing contractor

roofing contractor ottawa

ottawa roofing companies

roofing companies ottawa

ottawa roof repair 

roof repair ottawa

ottawa roofers

roofers in ottawa


I couldn't imagine that $700/mth is their consulting fee because my client was paying that and their ads did show up still. What I am asking is their bulk pricing or some special discount for companies managing a client's adwords campaign? How would I structure a reasonable contract to make money and keep my client happy?



Re: PPC Monthly Costs & Making Money?

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Use the keyword planner with your location and some negative keywords to check the estimated cost. Once you restrict the audience the cost decreases. Their historical CTR may impact the price.

Re: PPC Monthly Costs & Making Money?

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Be very careful...


Getting lots of clicks is the easiest thing in the world. Here's how this could be misleading (not saying this is the case!)


I set a keyword for ottawa roofing contractor


and I have it set to broad match


you will look at the reports and see that this keyword generated 500 clicks - fantastic, right?


until you look a the search query report and discover that the search queries that triggered your ad included...


- ottawa holiday rentals

- DIY roofing materials

- which are the best restaurants in ottowa

- building contractor


and so on....


Getting clicks is easy - and it can be cheap - but getting clicks that are relevant and can be converted into paying customers is something else altogether.


I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but with a specialist company such as yours you need to be sure that your keywords, ads and landing pages are equally specialized - otherwise you will get a lot of clicks but nothing but a high bounce rate.

Re: PPC Monthly Costs & Making Money?

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Hello there;

You know.... "Talking is one... The thing doing is another"; Smiley Happy

I don't mean to say that your campaigns cannot be optimized to reduce costs; but "claims thrown in the air" without analyzing the data should be ignored.

Using the keyword tool check what is the price paid by advertisers for these keywords. Once you have this data you can derive the budget.

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Re: PPC Monthly Costs & Making Money?

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It depends on the client requirement and conversions how many conversion they are getting from there website