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Overcharged 10 times the daily budget in Adwords !!!

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I had set up an Display add campaign to run from 12/2/2016 till 15/2/2016 with a daily budget of Rs.100. 

I also had set the "MAX CPC" at Rs.2. However, not at night I saw a drastic change in my view figures where my google adsense account tracked the view counts at 2110 and when I checked back my google adwords account, I had been charged Rs.1052.**.


My first Question with the above issue is :


- Why and How did it override my daily set budget of Rs.100 ?

- Why Was I not intimated even if it got exceeded by 10-20 % above my daily budget ? (Considering real time updation might have taken some time to reflect on the portal)


- By Balance bill still shows some Rs. 85. 


So now I have stopped my campaigns right away and I am really confused whether or not should I use the Adwords account for ads. And secondly when will I get the refund for the same??

Thank you,

Abhishek Kumar B

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Re: Overcharged 10 times the daily budget in Adwords !!!

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Hi @Abhishek Kumar B firstly I must point out that it's very difficult for us to diagnose issues such as this remotely as we have no access to your Account and cannot see the full details of what happened and when (nor should you share personal details here).  


That said, there are some common causes to what you're seeing, so it's worth checking these.


#1 - Was the daily budget set at any other value before being set at RS100, and was the budget changed at any point while the Ads were running?

#2 - What are the actual spend and click figures from AdWords, not Analytics?

#3 - What amounts were you actually charged during this period?  Have the click/cost figures changed recently?


By far and away the most common situation is that the daily budget amount is entered incorrectly (for example, entering RS1000 instead of RS100).  Bear in mind that if a higher budget was set for any period while Ads were running, they may have accrued cost based upon that higher figure, possibly quite rapidly, depending upon your targeting.



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Re: Overcharged 10 times the daily budget in Adwords !!!

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Go to billing and find out exactly how much you were charged. there are sometimes when there is an issue with click bots, but google corrects the problems. go to the exact day and find out how much exacltly you were charge. you will find that you were not overcharged.