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Over spend

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IF my budget if £650 for a campaign and my delivery is set to spread the budget out, why would I have spent it all by 14:00.  Appreciate the 20% etc.. but surely I shouldnt be maxing out my budget half way through the day.

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Re: Over spend

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Hello Richard S,


This might not help but we once had all of our budget spent. we found out that a previous employee had used a piece software that uses a different IP every few clicks so it looks like correct clicks not Invalid " Fake " clicks. we took this to google and they said they couldnt prove it was a piece of software doing this and we had to pay the full amount.


I would suggest maybe looking at your Google analytics and checking where the traffic may be coming from, i would also report this to google and they will check into it to see if they qualify as invalid.


kind regards,


Brett B



Re: Over spend

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Hi there;

This means that either you set a really low budget of the you target too broad.

  • I would first look that the keywords and ad-copy are really "tightly themed" to the busindes / products you are promoting 
  • Avoid as much as you can "broad match". This match type could trigger the ad against search queries which might not be relevant
  • Add negative keywords
  • And the tool to use: is the search terms report which  shows you which search queries matched which keywords, and will help you to remove keywords not relevant and add negative keywords


Read more:

Negative Keywords: As Important as Positive Keywords



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Over spend

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Thanks for the reply MosheTLV,

Back then we had aprox £100 per day i wouldn't of said that was a low budget just depends on the market you are targeting.

we also never used broad match, i have always used phrase / exact match.

Google's system back then weren't as good as it is now, if it happened now i am sure they would be able to class them as invalid, but as i said the IP changed every so many clicks so we couldn't prove it was someone trying to waste our budget.