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Over charged

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I recently decided to advertise my Youtube video for £16 for the week. Adwords said it would be live within 24 hours, which it wasnt. Then a week later after saying 'Not Yet Serving' my Ad was ended.


After getting in tough with Adwords a few times I was advised that I should change my end date to "None" which I did yesterday (Note: first created my Ad about 2 weeks ago). Last night it gained 3000 views and my total cost bar is saying £102.54!!

I only asked to pay £16. I have never advertised before but surely there is a mistake? One day of advertising resulting in 6 times the cost for my week?!

Any advice would be massively appreciated!





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Re: Over charged

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Hi grahambrown and welcome to the forum.

Firstly, have you actually been charged £102.54 or is this simply your balance?  It's an important question because I've seen myself some pretty frightening YouTube cost figures where the actual amount charged at the end of the billing period was very different (in a good way).  Although you're seeing this scary figure now, it may well be that the actual bill that hits your credit card is a lot lot lower.


As far as I know, Video Ads always take 2-3 working days to approve, sometimes longer.  Text Ads and other forms can take only minutes and usually less than 24 hours yes, but Video Ads are 3 days or more sometimes.  Can you point to where it says they should be approved in 24 hours?


I'm not really sure why you were advised to set your end date to "None", unless you specifically said you wanted to run your Ads continually.  Personally when I'm creating a new Campaign I always set an end date until I'm sure the Campaign is well tuned and running at a profit.



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