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Out of control Ad Words Account!!

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Google id; I note that I am still on your banned list, Therefore I repeat what I have said at the time,

As I told the lady this was the first time I had taken out an local adwords sale pitch with google and I trusted her to help me with this , I gave her a budget of $11 per day for a trial add for three weeks to see how it would go which comes to $231 aus  within the first week it had gone over the $300 budget.. contacting you at the time was a hopeless effort I was left with no option but to cancell my card.
When finally contacted this lady had a completly different version of what I had asked the time I had exhuasted all efforts to fix the problem the account was up to $900 odd aus.
How does $11 per day for three weeks equate to $900 outstanding plus what was taken from my credit card?? ($300 or so ) remember I am a one person business With no bottomless pit of money. What happened to Australian law cooling off period ? I would like this situation rectified, Many people have said to me that Google is a money machine for the rich!! I don't wish to portray that image so have a look at my situation and honour what I agreed to...I would just like the outstanding amount dismissed.Thank you Trevor..   P/S  I recived not one response from the add, There was no discussion regarding clik payments. Tj.

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Re: Out of control Ad Words Account!!

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Hi there; 

Let's set the technical details straight:

Your monthly monthly spending will never  go beyond 30*daily budget (30.4*daily budget  - to be precise)

If it did go over the -then the daily budget was set to be higher.

Now;  the daily spending and the adjustment of the overall monthly spend, is done by a machine. - No error there;

The question is: who set the daily budget to be higher than $11? 

Who is this lady- is she  with an agency?

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Out of control Ad Words Account!!

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Thanks for posting on our Community forum. Please do reply back with any details on the questions that Moshe posted. In the meantime, I've asked our AdWords support team to follow-up with you on the $900 charges. They can access your account to clarify all the charges in question. They should be contacting you shortly.