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Ongoing billing vs. cost discrepancies

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I understand a minimal difference in billing vs. campaing cost due to a timing issue, but this should lead to some months where the billed amount is over, and some where it is under, coming very close to evening out over an entire year.  I could also understand it if billing thresholds were met infrequently, once every week or two, for instance.  In our case billing happens daily, infrequently even twice daily, and each month the total billed exceeds the total cost.  It does not even out.  For the year, the overage in billing has accumulated to five times the billing threshold.  What explains this, please?

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Re: Ongoing billing vs. cost discrepancies

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Google Employee

Hi Dan. 


Thanks for your post. Since this question has to do with your personal billing, I'm going to refer your question to our support team. You should receive an email shortly and if you do not, check your spam box.