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Non-existant campaigns

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It would seem that many of the assistants are of the oppinion that we were running a campaign. They need to listen to me when I say that we were not running any campaign and further that we have never run a campaign. I read where one said that the wrong card was charged. Does that mean that Google used my card numbers instead of the numbers that they should have used.Is this the only realistic possibility?


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Re: Non-existant campaigns

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Hi there,

I've escalated this issue to a support specialist. You should hear an update soon.

Thanks for your patience in the interim,

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Re: Non-existant campaigns

Google Employee
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Google Employee


Hi There!

Thanks so much for your questions! If you are seeing AdWords charges on your credit card statement, it is possible that you have an AdWords campaign running. AdWords charges tend to show up on your credit card statement in a specific way. Here are common ways these charges can appear.

  • Visa or MasterCard
    • GOOGLE*GOOG[10-digit AdWords Customer ID]
    • Most Visa/MasterCard payments list the AdWords customer ID within the line item of the transaction. If you notice more than one customer ID on your statement, it might mean that you have more than one AdWords account associated with that form of payment.
  • American Express
    • On American Express credit card statements, the line description might not mention an AdWords Customer ID, but look more like this:
  • Bank account (direct debit)
    • On your bank account statements, the line description will appear in one of these formats, followed by a 10-digit AdWords Customer ID number.
    • Goog_
    • Google_
    • Google
    • GOOGLE
    • GOOGLE_
    • ADW

If the charges on your statement are showing as above, you can feel free to contact us so we can look further into your statement to identify where the charges are coming from. It is possible that the charges may be coming from another Google Service other than AdWords but if the charges are coming from AdWords, we will only charge the primary or backup card on file. We will not charge a card that has not been selected as a primary or backup form of payment.


Please feel free to contact us to look at any specifics from your statement. Call us from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday at 1-866-2GOOGLE (1-866-246-6453).


Please let me know if you have any additional questions by responding to this post!